Catholic Chancellor Confirms Sunday As the Day of the Resurrection

Mulivai Cathedral, Apia

Mulivai Cathedral, Apia

In an article regarding casinos in Samoa in the Samoa Observer Online, March 12, 2013, Father Ioane Ono, Chancellor of the Catholic Church in Samoa, confirmed that in Samoa Sunday is currently recognized as the day of the resurrection, that is the first day of the week. This is contrary to claims by representatives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who have said that Sunday is now the seventh-day Sabbath, which would make it the day before the resurrection.

Asked about casinos opening on Sunday, Father Ioane says that personally, he had no problems with it. He says the church on Sunday is a day of “celebration.”

“For Catholics or any Christian for that matter, Sunday is a day of rest, a day of giving thanks and praise to the Lord.It is also a day of joy and celebration because for the Catholic Church, Sunday is the day of resurrection of Jesus.” (Samoa Observer, March 12, 2013)

According to a news item published on, August 15, 2013,  Samoa-Tokelau Seventh-day Adventist Mission President Uili Solofa has written that other churches are now keep the seventh-day Sabbath, along with Seventh-day Adventists:

In a written statement, Pastor Uili Solofa wrote, “The majority of church leaders, worshippers and villages (in Samoa) are not saying they are happy that Seventh-day Adventists are keeping Sunday, instead what they are saying is that – we are going to keep the Sabbath of the Seventh-day Adventist church; praise God!” (, August 15, 2013)

Chancellor Ono does not appear to share that view.



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  1. Yahusha’s tomb was discovered empty early 1st Day morning; the earthquake happened the previous evening after Sabbath when the malak/angel came to wake him up.

    Yahusha is the wave sheaf offering of the first fruits of them that sleep. This requirement is detailed in Lev 23, Num 28, Deut 16 (which is why we are to study and observe YHUH’s set apart times). It happened on only one 1st Day of the week. Not every 1st Day of the week in commemoration now as Sunday observers promote; since Yahusha has already fulfilled the requirement and Passover and the wavesheaf occurs only once a year.


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