A False Issue – The Day-line — 7 Comments

  1. This article from the 1906 issue of the Signs of the Times gives some indication of how persistent the agitation over the “Eden Day-line” was in our history. The first published reference to it of which we are aware was in a letter by Ellen White in 1900, as published in Selected Messages, Vol III. And here we see another article published in 1906!

    This day line theory served to bring in confusion, adding to the confusion regarding the actual date line in places such as Tonga, where not only Seventh-day Adventists but other denominations as well were confused over which week to follow.

    So what is the lesson for us today?

    • This idea is one I had not been aware of this till now.
      Wow! Guess Satan,the self-styled god, is up to scheme
      of last day deceptions to deceive, if possible, the very
      elect! Let’s not fall for his tricks.

  2. Interesting comment from Matt Rosenberg, the geographer at (the learning website).

    “As a geographer who respects history and the calendar, I find the move by the SDA to Sunday to be somewhat historically unprecedented.”

      • Matt Rosenberg does not appear to believe that the weekly cycle has been kept unbroken since Creation Week, nor that the Saturday of today is the 7th day of creation. I would take serious issue with that. God has always had His commandment-keeping people throughout the world’s history, and we have not lost track of which day is the Sabbath. In my view, it’s when we start demanding an unbroken personal or national cycle, under any and all circumstances, that we involve ourselves in difficulty.

        God made His Sabbath for a round world, so travel across the date line, and its location being adjusted from time to time — with the necessary adjustments to be made by Sabbath keepers — were evidently a part of His plan from the beginning.

        • Just letting people know MR had apparently changed his original thought…and later realized that he probably isn’t Jewish.

        • R.G. White, Evening and Morning was the 7th. day, and not Evening and Morning was Saturday. Saturday keepers are doing it from Evening to Evening which explains the darkness hovering over deeper and deeper into permanent lost. Let us humble ourselves and be saved.

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