Seven Samoan Sabbath Keepers

Lance Cutts – The Plumber
From Auckland and Vailoa, Faleata

Lance Cutts and son Jackson

Lance Cutts and son Jackson

I am not proud of
my dreadful past
Drinks and drugs
were my favourite stuff
The Lord rescued me
He changed my life
I’ll serve Him always,
in this Pacific Paradise
In 2011, in the month
of October
I buried my adorable
two-year-old daughter
Elena died accidentally
and it broke my heart
Saying goodbye to my baby
was terribly hard
“To see my darling child”
is the cry of my heart
In the home above
from her I’ll never part
There’s only one way I again
can meet my child
It’s serving God and others
with my life upright

Moananu Tuasivi Setu – The Samoan Judge
From Tuasivi, Savaii, and Vaivase-uta

I’ve been a church member
for 37 years
My blessings have been many
with just a few tears
My main responsibility
is to uphold the law

 L-R: Moananu Tuasivi, Emoni Tesese and Pastor Sioeli Puni

I’d never ever dream
of breaking God’s law
My loyalty is to my Master
and my King
His praises my spirit
will always sing
Two things, dear Lord
are precious to me
They are my God
and my family
My heart is delighted
my soul is free
Even if on Sabbath
I worship under a tree
My goal in life is to be
saved by Thy grace
In Thee, dear Lord
I rest my case.

Village Mayor – Matamua Vaea Ulaula
From Salelologa, Savaii, and Lalovaea

A devout Roman Catholic I used to be
Fighting the Adventists was fun for me
I was a pest and menace to everyone
Until converted to the church I used to shun
My imperfect past I sincerely regret
I know my Lord will forgive and forget
At this time of my life, without hesitation
I gladly serve God with total determination
Three times a week my body undergoes
Dialysis treatment for my health woes
When life does end and I say good night
May it be said, I “fought a good fight”

The Office Worker – Elsa Sapenapaenea
From Lalovaea, Moamoa and Falelatai

Elsa Sapenapaenea

Elsa Sapenapaenea

At two months old,
my father unexpectedly died
I did not know him
and I never said goodbye
Six months ago, in her sleep
my mother died
I found her still-warm body
and I hadn’t said goodbye
Although an orphan
I’m not forsaken
A member of God’s family
my faith is unshaken
On the Sabbath issue
I’m just a proletarian
No calculations, except
the seventh is the Sabbath
If my mother was alive
for sure she’d say
“Keep the Saturday Sabbath
it’s God’s holy day”
I want to meet my parents
on the golden morning
God’s commands I’ll keep
– to heaven I’m going

The Twelve-Year-Old – Togiaso Tito
From Lalovaea and Salani

Togiaso Tito and Tina Ta’i Vise

Togiaso Tito and Tina Ta’i Vise

I’m a quiet and skinny
A tender lamb in
God’s Sabbath-keeping fold
I attend the Lalovaea
SDA Primary School
Below Mount Vaea
– so green and cool
Each Sabbath morn to church
I hitch a ride
Crammed at the back
or squashed inside
As long as I get to
Sabbath School on time
Whatever car I ride
I’ll be satisfied
All adults at home
keep Sunday as Sabbath
While alone I keep
the seventh-day Sabbath
I surely hope I can do
as I have learned
That “A little child shall lead them”

The Adult Learner – Sapenapaenea Ta’i Tavita Vise
From Lalovaea and Samatau

When my parents separated, I was in despair
I felt abandoned and thought no one cared
Unknown to me, my grandmother prayed
That my drifting soul, the Lord would save
Though I wandered far and was utterly lost
My ship floundered, and I was way off course
Thank God I returned a few years ago
To the City of Gold, beyond doubt I want to go
My apprehension, Lord, is my wife and child
I do not want to leave them behind
May they decide for Thee within time
Before You draw the final dividing line

The Co-ordinator – Emoni T Tesese
From Lalovaea, Samatau and Taga, Savaii

Pastor & Mrs T Tesese

Pastor and Mrs T Tesese

My father was a devout
Sunday keeper
Became an Adventist while
training as a minister
Banished from home
and labelled a traitor
Ridiculed and rejected
for the Lord He labored
A man of strength
with profound dedication
To me and my siblings
an inspiration
A warrior for the Saviour
who gave his all
He is at rest, awaiting
the Master’s call
The sacrifices he made
shaped my life
I’ll do my part, holding high
heaven’s light
Despite the pain
the struggle and loss
He was true to the Saviour
and the Old Rugged Cross

Emoni T Tesese and her mother, Avaganofoa Puni Tesese

Emoni T Tesese and her mother, Avaganofoa Puni Tesese

Always busy – professionally
and personally
Regrettably, I was not
very busy spiritually
Like the coin in the parable
I’d been lost in the dust
While in the church
I gathered moss and rust
It’s nobody’s fault
but mine alone
Like a ship without an engine
I drifted along

Knowing that my Lord has done .so much for me
I chose to make a stand for the Man of Galilee
The Leader of the Universe knows my pain and tears
The cry of His people, He sees and hears
I’ll stay true to my values, I won’t compromise
To the Lord I’ll be true, no matter what the price

Emoni T Tesese
“Lighthouse” and Samatau Sabbathkeeper
23 March 2012



Seven Samoan Sabbath Keepers — 3 Comments

  1. Be encouraged!
    God is with you all and will reward your faithfulness! My heart really goes out to Togiaso Tito. Keep strong even though the adults in the house may do things differently!

  2. Luke 18:1 (NKJV)
    “Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart,”

    Prayer and Faith….in our daily mobile phone connection to Jesus keeps us strong in His power and love…..

  3. I woke very early and was blessed this Sabbath morning to read these beautiful poems of faith. May the God of the Sabbath reward you faithful believers with joy as you gather to worship!

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