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  1. Please be encouraged Lighthouse members. We can only guess how much courage it took to step out for the true Sabbath. God bless you and keep you. We pray that the Aug 2 meeting in Sydney will produce a miracle which brings Samoa’s Adventists back together in truth. If it happens please do not ridicule the leaders who made this bad decision, just praise our great God for humility and repentance. They are still a gift of God, not from out of our righteousness. We don’t have any of our own.

  2. “Let me remind everyone that the Sabbath issue is a core doctrine of the SDA faith, not just for Samoa or Tonga, which makes it a worldwide issue.”

    Amen, brother! May this message be spread far and wide! Just because there may be differing opinions as to which day is the Sabbath in some places, doesn’t mean that there is no positively definite answer to the question. We have Sunday keepers in North America, too. It’s just that very few of them call themselves Seventh-day Adventists.

  3. Happy Sabbath from Samoa,
    It is another blessed Saturday Sabbath here in Samoa, at grass roots we are experiencing the blessings and relationship that comes from standing for God’s truth.

    The number of Samoans returning to worship on God’s true Sabbath(the sign between HIM and HIS people continues to grow every week. From the first Sabbath after the date change back in December, where 8 of us worshiped at home, our numbers have grown to nearly 500.

    The blessing of worship now is that every one of these people have been touched by God, our meetings are not filled with those warming the pews or those with no relationship with God who through habit and culture allow leaders to determine their eternal destiny. God knows us better than we know ourselves and HE is wanting to turn a lukewarm church into a towering inferno, (speaking of towering infernos the independent SISDAC church was burnt to the ground this week here in Apia)

    The Lighthouse has grown fast, and we have continually had to obtain more chairs as we grew in numbers each week. We are just in the process of starting a multi-cultural church, the first of our splitting into small groups, the aim is to keep growing in the Spirit and developing so that small groups can start up back where people live.

    We are blessed to have Dr Jeri Puni standing side by side with us and now providing pastoral care to a people that really needed it as we have been displaced from our places of worship and have had all pastoral care taken away from us!

    Dr Jeri is the only pastor at this stage who has put his job on the line in this stand against apostasy. He was head of theology at Fulton College when he was asked to present a paper supporting the Sunday worship that the SPD was looking to push through in order to cover the church’s mistakes in Tonga.

    We are living in end times and the biggest aspect of this whole issue that I can report from Samoa is that even though the majority will despise and reject you if you stand with God, His peace and strength fill you to your bones.

    Come soon Lord Jesus and in the meantime wrap us in your mighty arms and make us everything you want us to be!Amen!

  4. Amen bro Lance, the lighthouse is an inspiration to those within Samoa and those of us outside. The loving and tender care of the Holy Spirit is evident through the growing numbers of our brethren who know the truth of God’s 7th-Day Sapati and who love Him and obey His commandments! The power of prayer is awesome and God always answers our heartfelt “wants & needs”. Certainly, He watches over you and Merita and all those true Sabbath-Keepers as shining examples for His glory! May God continue to bless the lighthouse and the Holy Spirit continue to touch the hearts of the Sunday Worshippers to return to truth and obey God’s Word. ulalei

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