DeVon Franklin Tells Oprah About the Seventh-day Sabbath — 3 Comments

  1. DeVon’s witness is a powerful example of the Holy Spirit working in a person who is prepared NOT to compromise with standing up and being counted for Jesus and His 7th-day Sabbath. His quote, “If your faith won’t fit in the door that opens, then I argue do not walk through that door,” is simple and direct, yet a powerful truth about true Sabbath worship.

    It is also an example of direct allegiance to God first and all else subordinate to this, including man’s self-centred “self.” That the the South Pacific Division leadership is not recanting the 7th-Day Sunday Sabbath to return to God’s true 7th-Day Sabbath–named Saturday and identified in His Word as the day before the 1st-day of the week, which is Sunday–is an example of a lack of such faith and trust in Jesus.

    On the other hand, the LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS’ example of staying true to God’s Word and acknowledging His Sovereignty by continuing to Worship on His 7th-Day Sabbath on Saturday, is FAITH personified.

    DeVon and the Ligthouse Keepers have the very same thing in common; FAITH, by obeying God’s Word and His Truth, and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them.

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