Elder and Treasurer of the Fasitootai Church Holds Firm to the Seventh-day (Saturday) Sabbath — 8 Comments

  1. Praise God for He is a God of orderliness. As I read Ilai (Iosua) Koomwaiyou’s testimony, I am both encouraged for I sense the Holy Spirit’s leading in his decision to remain true to the 7th day Sabbath. At the same time, I am saddened at the confusion caused by leaders of the church. However, we all know and acknowledge that the Leader of all Truths is Jesus Christ and He is the Lord of the Sabbath-the 7th day. I want to say again how appreciative I am to receive these up to date news of the development of the situation about the Sabbath in Samoa. Even as I read and write this entry, I am reminded of a revelation that one of our church members shared during our Sabbath School lesson study time yesterday (Sab, 26th May, 2012). We have had in the past 5-7 weeks a lady who was revealed about the 7th day Sabbath and she had been coming to our church each Sabbath. She told our church member of a revelation God showed her as she sat at the back of our church in her first visit to our church. She said as she sat at the back she was shown a picture of the church and it was ‘shaking’ like an earthquake. Our town is susceptible to earthquakes. Then again on the 2nd Sabbath as she sat in the church, this same vision came to her. I could not help thinking as I heard the story being told that our ‘local’ church is going to experience the ‘shaking’ time we as Adventists know and believe will come. But now as I read Ilai (Iosua) Koomwaiyou’s testimony, even the ‘shaking’ experience is happening in Samoa. My prayer is that ‘those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying to the church’ in these last days.’ (Rev 2-3). May the Spirit of God give you courage to stand and continue to stand and to encourage all our other brothers and sisters to ‘keep looking unto Jesus Christ’ for it is in Him and Him alone will they find the ‘reason, purpose’ to stand strong in these days of evil. God bless our Samoan people to ‘lift Jesus Christ up so that He will draw all people unto Himself’ (John 12:32) Alofaaga to all our Samoan people who are affected by the confusion over the Sabbath issue.

  2. Malo lava IIlai (Iosua) Koomwaiyou ma vi’ia Le Atua. God richly bless you for your stand for Jesus truth. Your story is a heart-warming testament of the Holy Spirit leading you and others determined to follow God’s Word and not be dissuaded by man’s folly! We don’t know God’s purpose for your trial and tribulation but for us to have Faith as you demonstrate and pray for His continued love and mercy to show in His time, the reason for the Samoan Sabbath dilemma. May God continue to protect and keep you and those of the Lighthouse Keepers, shining a bright light to the Samoan Seventh Day Adventists community. May His Will prevail for His Glory when He is good and ready. God Bless you brother in Jesus, your story is a real blessing and a witness to others looking on. Ulalei

  3. wow, this baffles my mind. ive known alot of sda’s from samoa who when in nz did not observe sabbath on sundays, even though this would have been their sabbath in samoa (before samoa aligned their time with nz). so whats the difference now?

    • Blessings on this Sapati eve Brother/Sister, the fundamental difference really is following God’s Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in truth. It is as uncomplicated as this. Please continue to pray for our Samoan SDA community, the Sabbath Keepers and sunday worshippers.

      Philippians 4:4-7

      4 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

      5 Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.

      6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;

      7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

      • I love God’s Word and its truth! The truth of God’s Word sets us all free. No one can argue against the 7th Day Sabbath Truth! As one mother told his 11 year old boy, ‘don’t get angry with me about the Sabbath, it’s God’s day and He set it in motion’. So, we too ought also to obey God rather than men! Now that’s simple truth! So by His Holy Spirit we look to Him to resolve what the devil tries to confuse such a simple truth! The 7th day Sabbath was set apart by God, blessed by God and a sign between His people and Him. Thank You Father for Your Truth.

    • Dear “ant head,”

      I see your point and concur with your conclusion. If our Samoan members could successfully make the adjustment, earlier last year, when crossing the date line and visiting New Zealand, why can’t they make the adjustment for the date line shift and get the (Saturday) Sabbath right in their own country, this year?

      The answer appears to be a long history of SDA Sunday keeping in the region — especially in Tonga, where it all began in the 1890s as the result of a mistake made by our early SDA missionaries.

      So, why can’t our Samoan members get it right? Well, they have now been heavily indoctrinated, from the division level on down, to get it wrong. However, with a little enlightenment and encouragement, more and more Samoan Adventists are taking their stand for the true (Saturday) Sabbath.

      Why all of the heavy indoctrination? Why not just correct the long-standing error? That might be a good question to ask our church leaders, especially at the South Pacific Division and General Conference levels.

  4. Talofa Mr White! I agree with your comments! The error imposed on the Togans should not be repeated with the Samoans! I am also puzzelled why it is a complicated matter! Eg one of my sisters who married to a non-sda member, lived in Tonga for approx 2yrs is no longer a sda member! Satan is roaming seeking all he can betray! Whoever is keeping the Sunday for the Sabath Will not be affected by the Sunday Law when it is enforced!
    Let’s us unite and ask the Lord for his guidance n direction! Ia faamanuia tele le Atua iai latou uma o loo aafia I le faia o a latou filifiliga!
    The 7th day Sabbath is the Seventh day Adventist’s

    • When lies are used to cover up error,one of the first claims is always, “the issue is complicated.” No. It is simple. The seventh day is the Sabbath. Saturday is the seventh day!

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