Reflections of a Sabbath Keeper

  1. Two thousand and twelve is a special year
    For all Samoans living far and near
    As we prepare for the 50th celebration
    The anniversary of our independent nation
    It’s also been a year of sad separation
    Of God’s church with its small population
    The “Keep Sunday” ruling made by our leaders
    Caused a huge split among our members
  2. We continue to keep the seventh day sacred
    On which God rested and consecrated
    Forbidden to worship in a church building
    Under trees we pray with our voices ringing
    For our church services, we hire a tent
    Chairs and tables each Sabbath we rent
    Happiness and peace flood each soul
    Eternal life is our ultimate goal
  3. Some members travel from Anoamaa
    To worship with us at Vailoa, Faleata
    Their old pick-up may squeak and sputter
    They’re the first to arrive before the worship hour
    They travel all the way from Solaua
    Their joy is endless, their hearts are pure
    Quietly they endure mockery and scorn
    Looking to God to lead them on
  4. I worshiped with the Samatau group
    A country church of my childhood
    Old and young, fellowship warmly
    With joy I feel the spirit of belonging
    On the Sabbath issue, they cast their lot
    Choosing bravely to obey God
    When all seemed lost they stood their ground
    Allowing no one to push them around
  5. Animosity, Lord, is hard to bear
    We’re neither Job nor species rare
    Intimidation and aggravation
    Fill us with exasperation
    May we continue to turn the other cheek
    When we’re tempted not to be meek
    May we be kind one to another
    And gently enlighten a befuddled brother
  6. “Bind us with cords that cannot be broken”
    Is a favourite song we sing quite often
    Sadly, Lord, Your church is divided
    Scattering souls – scared and frightened
    Families are broken, churches are divided
    Friendships have ended, plans discarded
    We have to act quickly for our people’s sake
    Hard choices now we all must make
  7. While leaders argue and deliberate
    The devil is busy sowing seeds of hate
    Spirits are weakened, hearts are hardened
    Souls are confused and very discouraged
    Folks stay home, people have grown cold
    Church members, Lord, are leaving the fold
    If we continue to squabble and wait
    Saving these souls may be too late
  8. How long can the weary souls hold on?
    How long will the leaders’ meetings prolong?
    With Your grace, dear Lord, we’ll carry on
    Relying on Your Spirit to lead us on
    But Lord, what about the baffled soul?
    Struggling alone Thy will to know
    They may be someone’s son or daughter
    Blindly led like lambs to the slaughter
  9. Lord, may we labour hard and long
    For all these people to Thee belong
    We’ll help them on the journey home
    Don’t let us waver, delay or roam
    The Sabbath truth to all explain
    So they can choose to retain or refrain
    Tomorrow may be someone’s last time
    It may be theirs – it may be mine
  10. We lay our burdens at Thy feet
    Until on heaven’s shores we meet
    May our foundation be secure in You
    May we forever to Thee be true
    With courage we will continue to stand
    To keep the light burning in our homeland
    We will press on, we will stand tall
    Till You welcome us to the celestial hall
  11. For us You paid the ultimate price
    For me You made the supreme sacrifice
    We won’t give up, we won’t surrender
    We want to live with Thee, forever
    May we advance with surety and dignity
    Until at last we reach eternity
    When death’s curtain is forever drawn
    Please turn the darkness into glorious dawn
  12. To all God’s people who support our stand
    In keeping the Sabbath in our motherland
    Your voices strong ring loud and clear
    Supporting our belief with hearts sincere
    You lifted our spirits, strengthened our hope
    You kept us going and helped us cope
    Please accept our profound gratitude
    For giving us strength and fortitude
  13. For us, continue to say a prayer
    It’s great to know that you all care
    Please remember the Sabbath Keepers
    The confused members and church leaders
    Those on both sides and in the middle
    Don’t let the devil with our souls fiddle
    Each day the sun sets in someone’s life
    While the church is divided with internal strife
  14. For peace which passeth all understanding
    For His promises on which we are standing
    For family and friends, for pastors and members
    For people overseas who are standing together
    For strength, courage and determination
    For the love and support of God’s congregation
    Cheering us on to victory and jubilation
    We say ‘faafetai tele’ and heartfelt appreciation

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