Samoan Sabbath Keepers Meet Saturday Jan 28 — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Pa’u Fereti Puni,

    Christian greetings to you, your family, the other families and church members. How are you all today? I am a seventh day adventist from London UK and I am shocked to hear that a majority of my brothers and sisters here in Samoa have decided to worship on Sunday, which is not good cause we should be worshippping on Saturday as indicated in the scriptures and not follow the world.

    I also notice from reading this piece here that you and some of your members are still keeping the correct Seventh Day Sabbath which is a Saturday, Amen and wonderful.
    Keep it up and I pray that one day the other Seventh Day adventist churches also in Samoa will revert back to the correct Sabbath.

    By the way at the current moment which churches in your islands are stil worshipping on the Saturday?

    Kindly pass on my christian regards to your family, church members and their families for me.
    If any church member wants to contact me do feel free to contact me.
    Have a good day and may God bless you all.

    With christian regards

    Yours sincerely
    Ruth Scott

  2. I once thought Saturday was the only right day for Sabbath
    Till I woke up.
    Most Adventist are highly schooled and should be able
    To reason with a clear mind.
    The main augurment is the weekly cycle has never been broken
    But in Somoa’s case it has. What did those Somoa do wrong?
    They done exactly what they were taught. Their counry broke
    That one week in Dec 2011
    How did they go wrong?

    • Jerry, in Dec 2011, Samoa switched time zones. I live in Canada, and I’m very familiar with time zones, because we travel through 4 time zones when we travel from one end of the country to another. (Of course, we also travel through time zones when we travel. We “lose” a day or “gain” a day when we fly over the Pacific Ocean.)

      Governments in each province of Canada have the right to choose what time zone they want to use. Of course, they choose time zones that align best with sunrise, sunset, high noon, etc. However sometimes the dividing line between time zones is affected by the way the people are connected to each other, as well as by geography. So on a map, some of our time zones have funny zig-zags and curves.

      Now, since we are on the opposite side of the world from you, our switching time zones doesn’t involve “losing” or “gaining” a day.

      However, since Samoa is in the part of the world that has been chosen as the place where one day ends and another begins, switching time zones to be more connected to New Zealand happened to involve switching to the other side of the date line. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that. Samoa did it once before – on July 4, 1892. Then they had *two* July 4ths. 🙂

      In December 2011, Samoa simply switched back to the time zone in which it functioned before 1892. It’s quite reasonable considering Samoa’s close connection to New Zealand. Sunday is still Sunday, as all Sunday-keeping churches know. And the day before Sunday is still the Sabbath, just as it was the day before the Resurrection. 🙂

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